Become a host

Some people are waiting for what you like. aini supports all steps, from host registration to experience planning and attracting customers.

Experience Publication in 3 Steps
  • Host registration

    Click the Host registration button, register as a member, read the aini's knowledge, and apply for the host.

  • Creating experiences

    You can easily create an experience simply by entering the name, explanation, photos, etc. in the form and pressing the publish button.

  • Publish experiences

    Once the experience is published on the site, let's gather participants by sharing them on SNS. You can also receive notifications every time you make a reservation.

About Fees

Host registration and experience introduction page are free. It is a mechanism that requires a sales commission only when a reservation is made in the experience, and the sales commission rate is 18% of the set price. The remaining 82% will be transferred to the registered account in the month following the month of the event.

A self attracted customers are not via aini platforms, but to make reservations using their friends and acquaintances networks and their own SNS. In the case of reservations by self attracting customers, the sales fee will be 0%.

The repeat discount is that guests who have participated at least once in the hosting experience are recognized as repeaters, and the sales fee will be 0%in all reservations of the host.

The amount actually paid by the guest is the amount in which the service fee is added to the price set by the host. If the campaign or discount benefits are applied, the guest's payment will fluctuate each time, but there is no effect on the host's reward.

Enriched host support
Reliable service to help hosts
Reservation request system

Guests who are interested in your experience can directly receive requests for the date, making it easier to adjust the schedule.

Reservation approval system

Before you make a reservation, you can set an approval step on the host. If you turn on the approval step, you can check your profile in advance what person wants to participate, and you can accept reservations only for trusted guests.

Limited release of the venue

You can set a photo that only the reserved person can see, and use it to inform guests the appearance of the venue and the meeting place. In addition, detailed addresses can be contacted only by reservations using the group function, so those who want to hold them at home can post the experience with confidence.

Setting the maximum and minimum number of people

It is possible to set the number of people such as "You can participate up to maximum person" or "◯ If you make a reservation". We support the smooth progress of the experience by controlling the ideal participating guests.

Price setting and payment
Various price settings

In addition to the basic experience fee, you can set an option fee that can only be purchased by applicants, expanding the range of expression of the experience. In addition, since you can set the fee in detail by the age group of the participating guests, it is possible to set an age group that does not accept by not setting the fee.

Set a fixed deadline for the experience

When a fixed deadline is set, the system automatically decides whether to cancel the event or confirm it based on the number of reservations and the number of guests who have actually made reservations. The deadline for confirming the event is also the deadline for guest cancellations, so that even if a guest cancels after the deadline has passed, the reward is guaranteed.

Collecting money from guests and paying remuneration

The experience fee is received by aini from the guest prior to the event, eliminating the need to exchange money directly with the guest and preventing financial problems. In addition, once an account is registered, the remuneration is automatically transferred to your account, preventing any omission of money collection.

Connecting function
Review function

Guests who have participated in the experience can give us comments of appreciation in the form of "experience reviews" and we can improve the experience based on the comments. The more reviews you receive, the more likely you are to receive reservations. Hosts also have a mutual review function to evaluate guests in the form of "guest reviews," allowing them to learn more about the guests personalities before they join, so they can approve reservations with peace of mind.

Follow up program

If you like the host's experience, you can follow the host. The host can send new experience, posting notebooks, and information on new schedules for followers.

Favorite function

This function allows you to register experiences you are interested in as favorites. You will receive a notification when a new event is added to your favorite experiences. You can also toggle notification ON/OFF.

Message function

This function allows you to communicate directly with guests. You can send not only messages but also pictures to each other.

Group function

This function allows you to send a message to all participants at once. This function can be used for general communication about the event, self-introductions among participants, etc.


This is a blog function that allows you to record, like a diary, reports of experiences, announcements of upcoming experiences, and discoveries you want to share with guests in your daily life. You can also set the publication range and easily share to social networking services.

Enriched support
aini Care System

This is a compensation program that covers all participants. In the event of an injury, accident, or property damage, the insurance will cover you, allowing you to organize your experience with peace of mind. For more details,Click here

Daily management system

The management staff checks every day to see if there is no nuisance or trouble among users, or whether there is no unauthorized experience.

User help page

You can search for the questions.

Respond to daily inquiries

Email support is available Monday through Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. *We reply within 3 business days.

  • Who determines the amount of the experience?

    Hosts are free to decide their own price. We will apply 18% of the price you decide as a commission rate, and pay you the remaining 82% as a reward. The amount actually purchased by the guest is the price determined by the host, plus a service fee (usually 18%, but varies depending on the guest's membership type), which may be applied to campaigns or other discounts. The actual purchase price may differ from the price determined by the host.

  • How long is an appropriate length of time for the experience?

    The experience of walking around the city and workshops is about 2 hours. Many nature and agricultural experiences are about 4 hours.

  • What kind of customers will come?

    aini is the most common service for families.

    Next, many women in their 30s and 50s have used many women.

  • Will the money be paid when the guest cancels?

    Since this is a pre-payment system, the collection is completed before the experience is held. Please be assured that even in the event of a cancellation after the deadline for confirmation of the event or on the day of the event, compensation will be paid to the host.

  • Please tell me about the flow of money.

    aini will collect the experience fee by credit card. The monthly fee will be transferred to the designated bank account at the end of the following month.

  • Is there a minimum number of events required?

    There are no rules on the frequency of held. Please hold it at a pace that is easy to do.

  • Can I list experiences that involve overnight stays?

    Experiences that involve overnight stays cannot be posted because they are in violation of the Travel Agency Law. However, it is possible to introduce lodging facilities. In this case, please do not include the cost of lodging in the experience fee breakdown, and ask guests to make their own reservations.

  • Can I sell products or solicit for my services during the experience?

    It is a violation of the Terms of Use agreed upon at the time of host registration to offer a guest membership to another commercial organization or service, or to sell products or goods handled by the host himself/herself. As a general rule, if money is to be spent on the day of the experience, it must be announced in advance on the experience page.

Achievements and partnerships

Sharing economy certification mark

The world's first certification from the Sharing Economy Association

Award history

2016 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ICT Regional Revitalization Grand Prize and Encouragement Award

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